Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Andrew Vidal

A Pepper Bough staffer counts the ways in which Mr. Vidal is more than an English teacher


J. Dollins

Mr. Andrew Vidal is a kind, gentle spirit who makes himself available to all of his students.

Mr. Vidal is more than an English teacher:

He is a kind, funny, optimistic person;

He tries to make his classes entertaining and enjoyable for his students;

He likes to do different things so students will pay attention;

He changes his voice to play the character in the book;

He makes bonds with his students by making sure they are doing OK and getting to talk to them;

He likes to greet students with a fist bump when entering class and when leaving he wishes everyone to have a good day;

He brings a lot of people’s spirits up throughout the day;

He makes jokes and likes to fool around sometimes to make the class laugh;

Sometimes he can even act like he was one of us;

He makes himself available to students after class and during Saturday school;

He gives opportunities for his students to get their grades up and be able to see what’s keeping them from doing their best;

He’s open minded to his students’ opinions and always open to what he can do to make his class even better.

Talking to students, getting to know them, and seeing what they’re up to is easy for Mr.Vidal since his students like talking to him and letting him know what has been happening. Some even describe Mr. Vidal as if he were like their school dad. Even though he has his own family outside of school, it’s like he has another one at school.

I remember on my first day he welcomed me in and made me feel like I will belonged. Even though I haven’t been in his class as long as everyone else, he has truly proven that I can talk to him and he will be there.