Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Stacey Baker

A Pepper Bough reporter shares why Ms. Baker is so special to her


Jeremy Ortega

Ms. Baker radiates kindness, compassion, and love for her students.

The quick switch from independent study to in-person school made me a little nervous. Nervous to make new friends and meet my teachers. But Mrs. Baker gave me that little push I needed to continue on for the rest of the school year.

From her sweet and welcoming personality to the homey feeling of her classroom, Mrs. Baker has become so much like a parent figure. The way she cares for our class and treats us like one of her own.

One of the best things about Mrs. Baker has to be her sense of humor, the random jokes she makes during lessons or the funny voices she makes sometimes when she talks.

She’s my favorite teacher because she makes an effort to get to know us and understand us. She talks to us and doesn’t just give us work and sit there expecting us to finish it without some form of explanation. 

I love that Mrs. Baker doesn’t set severe expectations for her students. She wants us to try our best and give it our all, and if we need her she’s right there.