Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Roxanne Berch

A Pepper Bough writer shares why they appreciate one of Colton’s most memorable maths teachers


Olivia Torres

Ms. Roxanne Berch is beloved by many CHS students past and present. She keeps a wall of photos to remind her of them.

I’ve started a trend where each time we’re served bananas at lunch, I get some friends along with myself to walk into Ms. Berch’s classroom and say, “Morning Ms. Berch! Have a banana!”

We then take our seats and watch as she enjoys the innocently mischievous acts. 

She’s been teaching here for double my age and was also my sister’s teacher when she attended high school in the 2010’s. Anyone that’s taken the harder math courses at CHS have had the chance to get to know Ms. Berch. 

Even though she teaches difficult material that I especially struggle with, she’s still my favorite teacher personally. Some of my favorite moments in class are when she shows us photos of her cats.

I love cats as well, so I purposefully put photos of my own cat on my math binder for her to see so that she can see a cute cat as well. 

She understands when a student is struggling with school or things at home. It’s not too rare to have a teacher to care that much, but what is rare and special is how much Ms. Berch takes action and initiative about care over her students. 

She really cares and gets emotional over her students and that makes us have especially close relationships to her. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to Ms. Berch! And also good luck to her for finding out who’s been sneaking stickers…