Grateful Gobbles – Nov. 28


J. Dollins

The CHS community is showing gratitude all November in daily “Grateful Gobbles”

To celebrate November as the month of gratitude, the Pepper Bough has invited staff, students, and community members to answer that traditional Thanksgiving Dinner table question: “What are you grateful for?”

Ms. Guadalupe Cornejo, Attendance Clerk

“I am grateful for family, friends, and health. I thank God every day when I wake up in the morning.”

—Ms. Guadalupe Cornejo, Attendance Clerk




Ms. Keisha Owens, Attendance Clerk

“I am grateful for life, family, and friends. I believe God has put me here for a lot of reasons: to spread love, joy, and kindness because we all need each other.”

—Ms. Keisha Owens, Attendance Clerk



Ms. Robyn Luna, Attendance Clerk

“I am grateful for my beautiful family, our health, and working at Colton High School because I love the kids. I love giving our love to the kids.”

—Ms. Robyn Luna, Attendance Clerk