Grateful Gobbles – Nov. 24


J. Dollins

The CHS community is showing gratitude all November in daily “Grateful Gobbles”

To celebrate November as the month of gratitude, the Pepper Bough has invited staff, students, and community members to answer that traditional Thanksgiving Dinner table question: “What are you grateful for?”

Ms. Maria Cisneros, Spanish Teacher

“I am grateful for my own kids, granddaughter, and my students.”

—Ms. Maria Cisneros, Spanish Teacher




Mr. Quentin Marley, Spanish Teacher

“I am grateful for so many things, actually. My family. That I have reasonably good health and can do what I want to do. I am grateful that I have what I need: family, job, health, home.”

—Mr. Quentin Marley, Spanish Teacher


Ms. Rosenda Gonzales, Spanish Teacher

“I am grateful for being back on campus, for my lovely coworkers, and for being able to get back at it. It’s a different feeling being back on campus and getting that sense of community again.”

—Ms. Rosenda Gonzales, Spanish Teacher