Grateful Gobbles – Nov. 20


J. Dollins

The CHS community is showing gratitude all November in daily “Grateful Gobbles”

To celebrate November as the month of gratitude, the Pepper Bough has invited staff, students, and community members to answer that traditional Thanksgiving Dinner table question: “What are you grateful for?”

Ms. Julie Printz, Art Teacher

“I am grateful for the small things we take for granted, like being able to get up every day. Remembering the little things helps put everything in perspective.”

—Ms. Julie Printz, Art Teacher



Mr. Emmanuel Lopez, Art Teacher

“I am grateful for being able to provide for my dog because I love giving him everything I can since he was a rescue dog. I can’t wait to feed him some turkey at Thanksgiving!”

—Mr. Emmanuel Lopez, Art Teacher


Ms. Sarah Hantuli, Drama Teacher

“I am grateful for my students, especially as a first year teacher. I am grateful for their understanding and they are really great!”

—Ms. Sarah Hantuli, Drama Teacher