Grateful Gobbles – Nov. 19


J. Dollins

The CHS community is showing gratitude all November in daily “Grateful Gobbles”

To celebrate November as the month of gratitude, the Pepper Bough has invited staff, students, and community members to answer that traditional Thanksgiving Dinner table question: “What are you grateful for?”

Ms. Michele Evans, School Psychologist

“I am grateful for the better weather.”

—Ms. Michele Evans, School Psychologist





Ms. Wendy Briones, Counseling Secretary

“I am grateful for my family and their unconditional love.”

—Ms. Wendy Briones, Counseling Secretary





Mr. Michael Franks, Computer Lab Tech

“I am grateful for being here, which means I’m able to wake up in the morning, spend time with friends and family, and be around kids and teachers.”

—Mr. Michael Franks, Computer Lab Tech