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What do we recommend for your binge list?

Sheally Guzman, Reporter

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The movies listed below are the movies that have been released so far this month. I totally recommend these movies.

  1. Amelie
  2. Shrek
  3. Hachi
  4. The Clapper
  5. Scream 2
  6. Beautiful Girls
  7. Kid Gorgeous
  8. Jailbreak
  9. Anon
  10. Dismissal
  11. The Strange Name
  12. Cia
  13. Withdraw
  14. Trailer park boys
  15. The Reaping
  16. Reasonable doubt
  17. Harold and kumar
  18. Amelie
  19. Hellboy
  20. The Kissing Booth
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What do we recommend for your binge list?