Netflix original ‘What Happened to Monday’ is filled with action and excitement

Netflix original 'What Happened to Monday' is filled with action and excitement

Monzerrat Gonzalez, Reporter

 In What Happened to Monday is a movie about a one child policy society. However this one couple had 7 kids, and named them in the order they were born by monday-sunday. Since, they had 7 kids Monday could only leave once a week from her house which was on an actual Monday and it applied to all the other children. They were only able to be themselves at home but when it was their designated day to go out they’d all have to look  the same. Until one day Monday went missing because she had ratted out her sisters to the government who believed that you cant have more than one kid because of limited resources. I give this movie an 8/10 because I liked the script and directing but the movie could’ve had a longer script and more action. Overall it was a good movie. The movie is now available on Netflix