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Consumers leaning towards Netflix rather than average cable companies

Audrey Leonard, Reporter

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Netflix gained popularity in the content production industry in 2013. Netflix is movie and TV show streaming network that ranges from $9.99-13.99 monthly, depending on how many screens you’d prefer watching on simultaneously, but most people usually pay $10 or $11. Over 190 countries use Netflix daily and all have different variety of movies and shows. In 2013, Netflix USA released their first Netflix original called “House of Cards” which has since went on to release 5 seasons in total. After this, Netflix started releasing original shows and movies that were only available to Netflix users only.

Popular Netflix Original movies and TV shows include: 13 Reasons Why, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things, Death Note, To The Bone, The Fundamentals Of Caring, and The Babysitter.

More and more people are starting to lean towards Netflix rather than their basic cable companies. The cheapest cable package right now, which is Comcast Xfinity, is starting at $50/mo, while Netflix is about $11/mo. If you do the math, you’d be spending around $600 annually if you were using Comcast Xfinity, but if you used only Netflix, you’d be spending about $132 annually, which would save you $468! No wonder people would rather choose Netflix over existing cable companies.

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Consumers leaning towards Netflix rather than average cable companies