The Pepper Bough’s Top 20 Horror Films of All-Time

We surveyed our staff to discover their go-to horror movies during Spooky Season each year. These were their picks.


J. Dollins

The Pepper Bough Staff presents its top 20 horror films of all-time.

You can’t get through Spooky Season without seeing a list. Whether it be Shudder’s “101 Scariest Movie Moments,” or a random list from publications ranging from Rotten Tomatoes to Reader’s Digest, lists are a seasonal tradition.

And the Pepper Bough wants in. This month we’ve shared reflections and recommendations for movies from the “Best Years of Horror” series. Now we’re shedding the pretense like removing a mask—or a face—and giving you our staff’s list. We surveyed our 27 staff members at the Pepper Bough this year and these were their top 20 favorite scary movies.

Enjoy the chills!


Contributors: Isabel Acosta, Joseph Ayala, Christopher Bowden, Jesus Delgado, Jeremiah Dollins, Kaila Garcia, Myles Garza, Elizabeth Hernandez, Johnathan Linares, Daphne Marquez, Tyler Morales, Rin Salas, Natalie Solis