Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Oct. 7

New Vibe Scribe Kloe takes us on a tour through the passionate career of Steve Lacy just in time for the Alt-R&B artist’s latest album, “Gemini Rights”


J. Dollins

Steve Lacy has taken the pop music world by storm with his brand of alt-R&B. Now he gets his own Vibe.

Singer, songwriter, and record producer Steve Lacy recently announced his “Give You the World Tour” following the release of his third album, “Gemini Rights.” The tour started October 2, and fans all over are eager to get the chance to see Lacy on stage. He’s taken the music industry by storm with his newest hits like “Bad Habit” and “Sunshine.”

Although it may seem like he’s a new artist, Lacy has actually been in the game for longer than it appears. These are just a few of my personal favorites from Steve’s collection.


“Bad Habit”—Gemini Rights

Now whether you know every Steve Lacy song in the book or you’re not at all familiar with the artist, I’m sure either way, you’ve already memorized the lyrics to this song. “Bad Habit, which earned its spot as #1 on US Billboard Hot 100, was singehandly the song of summer 2022. Its success is completely understandable. Tying into the artist’s misfortunate love life, this melodic tune tells a story of how Lacy now feels regret looking back at a missed opportunity. As he repeatedly says, “I wish I knew you wanted me,” he expresses how he wishes he had taken action sooner with someone he was interested in, now aware that they did in fact want him too. Suitable to cry to, dance to, or maybe even a mix of both, this song is a relatable masterpiece.


“Dark Red”—Steve Lacy’s Demo (EP)

I know we’re trying to spotlight songs you might not know, or often hear on this list, but it would be wrong of me to leave “Dark Red” off this list. In the song, multi-talented Steve sings about a topic often covered within his music: heartbreak. The twist here is the preparation leading up to an expected heartbreak. The song is an inner monologue as he sings about how he has a feeling his lover is on the verge of leaving him. To sum it up, “Dark Red” is a bittersweet love song and, needless to say, a classic for any Steve Lacy fan.


“Love 2 Fast”—Apollo XXI

“Love 2 Fast” is one of Lacy’s most underrated songs and one of my personal favorites. Track 9 on Steve’s first studio album, “Apollo XXI,” gives a glimpse into his mind on a bad day, where all he can think about is how he loves too fast. He shares that he had previously been in relationships where he may have possibly taken things too quickly. Now, after some much needed reflection, he’s learning from his mistakes. I don’t know that I’d consider this a love song, but whatever, it is. I definitely recommend that everyone adds it to their playlist.


“Some”—Steve Lacy’s Demo (EP)

I love it when Steve pours his heart out to a lucky love interest. “Some” is your classic love song that simply goes to show how much of a romantic Lacy can be. He pleads for love and convinces his crush that if they pick him, he will make it all worth their while. If you’re planning on confessing your love to someone anytime soon, you may want to take a tip or two from this track. 


“That’s No Fun”—The Lo-Fis

Leaning away from the musician’s love life, Steve begins to share the frustration he feels towards the people who disapprove of the changes he’s gone through over time. He goes on to say that he’s evolving and he’s proud of it. The chorus of the “That’s No Fun” perfectly sums up Lacy’s attitude: “Why would one stay the same? That’s no fun.” Whether you can relate to the lyrics or you simply enjoy the melody, “That’s No Fun” is, without a doubt, just another great song from the Lacy’s already remarkable discography.