Colton Vibe – Songs of the Week – Sept. 16

Bella’s back and already putting together a soundtrack for the creepy good fun of October


J. Dollins/ Vestron Music Video

You see this image, you know exactly what time of year it is.

With the fall season is quickly approaching, I like to think of Halloween—it’s never too early. The one night a year we get to dress up as our favorite characters and go door-to-door collecting free candy from strangers. What’s not to love?

This week I’m going over my song picks that bring all the Fall / Halloween vibes.


“Sweater Weather” – by The Neighborhood

“Sweater Weather” makes me want to open a window, smell the chilled, yet fresh air, all while curled up in a blanket. “Sweater Weather” is a love song about a closed, caring relationship with a calm, yet catchy tone. Even with the cold weather outside, they will always keep each other warm.


“We Fell in Love in October” – girl in red

Fall is made for romance and radiant love. “We Fell in Love in October” is about meeting someone—believe it or not—in October. This melody breathes autumn and the days that follow. And even though it was popular last year, that doesn’t mean this song isn’t ready to be an annual delight. 


“Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell

I can’t think of October without thinking of Halloween. And I can’t think of Halloween without thinking about the terror of feeling like I’m being watched. Stalked, Feeling paranoid and living uneasy whenever I’m alone. Rockwell’s 80s Halloween party staple is definitely on the creepy side, but it never kills the dance floor. But why wait for Halloween parties? It’s never too early to turn this one up.


“Dark Red” – Steve Lacy

“Dark Red” may sound like a soft and calming love song, but it’s a devastating heartbreaker. Our singer knows his girlfriend is going to end things, but he’s not ready to leave. He loves her, saying she belongs with him, pleading his case. The saddest part about all of this is that all this worry over his relationship status may just be in his head. “What if she’s fine?/ It’s my mind that’s wrong/ And I just let bad thoughts/ Linger for far too long.” As the days get shorter and the trees go bare, our hearts grow vulnerable and sensitive.


“Thriller – Michael Jackson

Honestly, I would be surprised you never listen to “Thriller” each autumn. This song means as much to creepy season as “Deck the Halls” does to Christmas. And there is nothing more fun than doing the “Thriller” dance with your friends. The simple thrills of this song make me just wish that spooky season would just get here already.