Charlotte’s Web a hit; Aldrich and drama team does it again!

Eric Chavez, Reporter

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Charlotte’s Web has come to the Whitmer Auditorium and never before has this childhood classic been seen in such a joyful way. From the cast to the great costumes, this play is great. We see all of our favorite characters come to life such as Fern, Charlotte, and of course good old Wilbur himself.

The cast has done such a great job to make those memorable moments that has made us laugh, smile, and even feel a piece of your heart fall. None the less, the great effort and amount of work has paid off with such an amazing play. Drama teacher Janis Aldrich has delivered a play that can satisfy any fan of the childhood classic. No doubt Aldrich will send more amazing plays to come.

Charlotte’s Web had all the great moments, from when Wilbur was about to be killed but was saved by kind hearted Fern, and the moment when Wilbur tried to escape. We all remember that very sad moment when Wilbur had to say goodbye to charlotte, and it was played out amazingly by Aidil Villa (Charlotte) and Alec Ramirez (Wilbur). That heart touching moment couldn’t be any sadder, make a man question his musicality. There was much great energy at the play and it only pulls you in closer. What does Aldrich got in mind for the next play? Whatever it is, she will deliver another great play like Charlotte’s Web.


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