“The Hundred Dresses” musical a smash success

Christian Morales, Reporter

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From March 13th to 15th, this year’s spring musical production, “The Hundred Dresses”, written by Ralph Covert & G. Riley Mills, was a success, filling the audience’s hearts with joy but also with tears. Director Janis Aldrich, choreographer Koda Montoya, and all of the crew that made the production possible really gave it their all and it truly showed.

The story of the play is about a girl named Wanda Petronski (Julianne Hetrick) who has trouble fitting in to her new school. She is teased by her classmates because of her ethnicity and because she wears the same tattered old blue dress every day. One of her classmates, Maddie, (Alexis Felix) feels that teasing Wanda isn’t right but she’s too afraid to speak her mind because of how she thinks her friends might react. The story had a very nice lesson about how you should treat people regardless of how they might be different, and perhaps that all somebody needs in life is a friend.

The play accomplishes making this life lesson apparent thanks to the wonderful performances from all of the students who played a role in the production. Each song was distinct and wonderfully choreographed. All-in-all the play had plenty of comedy and plenty of tear jerking moments to keep you invested through the entire story, with a heartwarming ending that can’t help but make you smile. Another year, another wonderful spring production from the Colton High School Thespians and ASB.

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