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Sergio Lomeli loves baseball, and is hoping to be crowned the 2022 Prom King.

Prom Court 2022: Sergio Lomeli shares some wisdom

The senior baseball player has learned a lot in his four years at Colton High School

Sports mean everything to Sergio Lomeli, who is running for Prom King this year.

Since Sergio was younger he was always playing sports.

He started off playing soccer. ”I was always surrounded by soccer when I was younger—my family are huge soccer fans.”

Sergio prepares to tear off for home plate during the Yellowjackets game against Rim of the World on Mar. 8.

Sergio recalls playing soccer for two years on a youth soccer team. “It was my uncle who signed me up.”

But Sergio fell in love with another sport. Baseball.

He was always fascinated by baseball. “I felt like it was my sport.”

Sadly though, Sergio stopped playing baseball when he was young, before picking it back up during high school.

Over these four years, he fell back in love with the sport. He loves being back on the field patrolling the outfield.

“I love that it’s competitive and that it challenges your mental toughness,” he said.

Baseball isn’t everything for Sergio, though. After high school, he plans to attend community college.

These four years pass by fast. So do your best, have fun, and make the most of it.”

— Sergio Lomeli

Sergio wants to earn a degree in business and get a contractor’s license. One day, he dreams of owning his own construction business.

As high school comes to a close for the senior, Sergio wants to spread some wisdom to his younger classmates: “These four years pass by fast. So do your best, have fun, and make the most of it.”

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