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Katelynn De La Torre is incredibly active at CHS, being part of Link Crew, the girls’ soccer team, and a football team manager. She is running for Homecoming Queen in 2023.

No Goal She Can’t Score

Katelynn De La Torre has been playing soccer her whole life. Now she finds herself on a different playing field, vying for Homecoming Queen.

Not only is Katelynn De La Torre running for Homecoming Queen, she’s also kickin’ through goals and pursuing her dreams as a soccer player.

Kate found a passion for soccer at the age of three when her dad first introduced it to her. Ever since, she hasn’t stopped with what she loves to do the most.

Initially, she started playing soccer with her little brother and created her soccer life from there. “My dad originally put me in soccer with boys,” Kate said, “so I played with my brother. From there I was just able to see how I can move and cooperate around the field with other people.”

After high school, Kate is going to keep playing soccer and continue growing within her sport. She has already received offers and scholarships from colleges to come play for them.

Besides soccer, Kate has many other talents and accomplishments to share.

She has a heart for helping others and loves being a supporting person. She has been involved with Colton High’s Link Crew for the last two years and enjoys working with Freshmen. And if that wasn’t enough, she shares her soccer passion and skill with students from Colton Middle School after school.

It is obvious that Kate can’t sit still. Besides Link Crew and soccer coaching, she also helps out the Colton football program. She’s been a football manager for two years and uses that time to support her twin brother, Dimitrius, who’s on the team’s roster. As team manager, she takes care of the team’s uniforms, serves as a hydration specialist, and makes sure players get the medical attention they need from the training staff.

With all this ongoing in her life, Kate seems to manage her daily routine and get everything done with some proper time management. “Time management is really key to me,” she said, “so I have to map out my schedule and see what I’m available for.”

Even if she doesn’t have the time for it, she still plans out what to do. “How can I incorporate these together”? and “Can I do these at the same time?”

For Kate, originality is important to her, and she is very open about things. She got her campaign ideas just from thinking in class and connecting what she does everyday to her goals. Her iconic poster about Queen Elizabeth even came from a debate in class. 

“We were having a weird debate in class about the Queen and her achievements and I was working on my poster right there and was like: what’s a good way to incorporate the Queen into my campaign?”

Her original ideas for her campaign have caught the eye of students and has helped her gain the support she needed to make Homecoming Court. 

She looks forward to reeling in even more people to vote with her with her future campaign ideas, and most importantly, taking that Homecoming Queen crown home.

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