Colton High Teacher Spotlight - Apr. 25-29, 2022

Colton High Teacher Spotlight – Apr. 25-29, 2022

In honor of Colton High’s Teacher Appreciation Week, each day the Pepper Bough staff will spotlight a handful of teachers by asking them questions that have little (if anything at all) to do with teaching. Come back each day to learn something new about your Colton High School staff.

Mr. Michael Esquivel, Link Crew
Ms. Eva Hernandez, Teacher on Assignment – Mathematics
Ms. Launa Kennedy, Mathematics
Mr. Russ Levine
Mr. Craig Martin, Special Education
Ms. Karen Terry, Mathematics and Social Science
Mr. Daniel Hearon
Ms. Brennan Geraldo
Ms. Valerie Pelletier
Ms. Yuh-Jin Lin
Mr. Emmanuel Lopez
Mr. Brice Randolph
Ms. Kelly Hutchins
Mr. Tom Wurz
Ms. Kristen Tornero
Ms. Charme Zumfelde, Credit Recovery

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