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Matthew Sosa’s passion to achieve his goals is also driving his prom king campaign.

Prom Court 2022: Matthew Sosa never stops working

The dedicated senior pushes for prom king with the same grit and effort he puts into achieving all his goals

Matthew Sosa didn’t even plan on going to prom. “If I can make court, then I’ll go,” he told his friends.

So . . . that happened.

Now he is very excited about the surreal experience of being a prom nominee.

Matthew Sosa (center) pushed for a men’s volleyball team; now, he’s practicing with them.

As with everything in his life, Matthew is now making every effort to be crowned prom king. He has posted campaign posters and made buttons that say to vote for him.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make court,” said Matthew.

It is this spirit that Matthew applies to every part of his life. Besides this once in a lifetime experience, he is putting everything he has into getting accepted into a medical school program so he can fulfill his dream of becoming a registered nurse.

When Matthew was a little kid, he always wanted to become a nurse.”Ever since I was really young that’s been a passion of mine that I’ve wanted to pursue.”

He had his doubters. A lot of people told him it was too hard to become a nurse, that he should try something else.

However, Matthew never let them inside his head, turning all that doubt into motivation.

Matthew would love to work anywhere, and is looking for internships to get his foot in the career door.

This means working hard in school. Matthew is currently enrolled in two AP classes which he thinks is a bit challenging as he tries balancing his life and school, but he just keeps pushing on towards his goals.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make court.

— Matthew Sosa

And then there is volleyball. Matthew has been working all year with his friend Max Ramos to bring a men’s volleyball team to Colton High. They achieved this goal, and will even get to experience a real game later this month in a local tournament. He was so determined to put together this team because he has always been in love with volleyball.

Determination. Hard work. Grit. Matthew Sosa never stops until he achieves his goals. Yet, he knows he isn’t doing it alone. He is appreciative and very grateful for all the people who helped him reach where he is now.

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