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Jacob Ramos is approaching his campaign for Prom King like everything else . . . with determination and grit.

Prom Court 2022: Jacob Ramos overcame adversity to make his senior year memorable

The football and track star speaks about his final year at CHS and what prom king means to him

For Jacob Ramos, Prom is the much needed Band-Aid for a senior year defined by injury.

Jacob is involved a lot in the athletic department at CHS. He started playing football freshman year and just recently joined the track and field team. For football, Jacob played tight end and linebacker. As for track and field, Jacob runs the hurdles, and throws shot put and discus.

Coming into the 2021-2022 school year Jacob was as excited as any senior would be. The year was set to be the pinnacle of his high school and his athletic career at CHS. What looked like a promising senior season turned out quite different.

Jacob Ramos lines up against GT during the 2021 Homecoming Game. (Olivia Torres)

During the first game of the 2021-2022 season, on the first offensive drive, Jacob went down with a leg injury. Despite what seemed like an end to his senior season and a long road of rehabbing ahead, he persevered.

Jacob was sidelined up until week seven, when he was cleared to play. He made a return to the field just on time for Senior Night against Grand Terrace. Although Senior Night did not end with the triumph like he would have liked to have seen, it was still the highlight of his Colton Football career. “The atmosphere of it was just different. I never had experienced anything like that before.”

When talking about his time at CHS, Jacob credits the teachers, coaching staff, and all the friends he’s made over these four years for some of his best memories. “Getting to learn the non-school things, the stuff I picked up from teachers, coaches, and upper class is what I’ve taken away from high school the most.”

One person that helped him tremendously this year is football coach Myley Herrera. “Just the way we’ve connected on a level this year. He’s someone I can talk to.” Whether it be during practice, games or at school Jacob and Myley Herrera have a connection. Learning from these mentors and peers helped shape Jacob into the person he is today.

I wanted to run a little campaign to see what could happen.”

— Jacob Ramos

Jacob plans on attending a junior college to help future his football career and education. Although he does not know what he wants to major in yet, he feels whatever he chooses will benefit him.

As for prom, Jacob feels like he has a shot at winning the crown. “I feel like I know a good amount of people from each class to have a chance. I wanted to run a little campaign to see what could happen.” This year has been full of ups and downs for Jacob, but he’s hopeful to finish strong by being crowned Prom King.

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