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Joseph Duran’s dedication to Colton High School makes him an excellent nominee for the 2021 Homecoming King.

Joseph Duran loves being involved at Colton High

Joseph Duran is deeply involved in the Colton High School community. 

He is doing as much as he can to be involved in as many school activities as possible, including running for Homecoming King. Much of this is fueled by the fact that last year, his brother Isaiah, was unable to participate in many Senior activities.

Even if I don’t win, I can look back on it in the future—like 5 years from now—and be like, ‘Oh yeah, I ran for homecoming.’”

— Joseph Duran, 2021 Homecoming King Nominee

“I want to win because of my brother. Also, you get to be in the parade, a shout out at the game, you get to wear a sash around school and you get more involved in the community overall.”

Joseph is doing everything he possibly can to increase the odds of winning, including: making digital posters and having his friends share them on social media, talking to people to get his name out there, and putting up posters around the school. 

To ask Denise Diaz to the Homecoming Dance, Joseph disguised himself as Yogi to surprise her. (J. Dollins)

“Why should they vote for me? I feel like people would want to vote for me because of how I present myself and how kind I am. And I would never be mean to a person.”

Although Joseph is making a great effort, it is challenging getting his name out there, and getting people to share his campaign posters. 

“Being open and expressive is probably what has helped me to get this far in elections.”

Joseph has a lot of experience being involved. He is ASB President, a member of the wrestling and track and field teams. He has also ran cross-country, and was on the award-winning Mock Trial team before it was disbanded this year.

“I feel like since you only go through high school once, you should want to do as much as you can because you only do it once,” Joseph said. “Even if I don’t win, I can look back on it in the future—like 5 years from now—and be like, ‘Oh yeah, I ran for homecoming.’ So I feel like it’s a good experience.”

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