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Enrique Baltazar has a joyful spirit that makes him a delightful addition to the 2021 Homecoming Court

Enrique Baltazar is out here making memories

Enrique Baltazar is a willing volunteer who enjoys getting to know people in his community. Now he getting to know even more as he runs for Homecoming King. 

He volunteers at different places in our community such as Planned Parenthood, Caduceus Medical Group, Unicare Pomona. He even cleans up trash after football games.

Enrique enjoys volunteering at these places because he loves staying in touch with his community, and how he is able to make a direct impact on people by brightening their day.

Enrique and his best friend, Brooke Carlson, have been supporting each other this entire Homecoming season. (Courtesy Brooke Carlson)

His interactions with all sort of different people have made an enormous impact on the way he sees the world.

Enrique has a number of things to be proud of, but he believes his biggest accomplishment is “waking up every morning and being able to live the life that I live. I’m very fortunate to have an amazing support system, such as my mom and my siblings that push me to do things like running for Homecoming King. I’m grateful that I am able to say that I have a family support system because many people aren’t fortunate enough to say that.”

Due to the pandemic, sophomore year marked the last time Enrique was on campus. That experience helped him realize he couldn’t take these experiences for granted, so now he is trying to make his “Senior Experience” as memorable as he can.

Running for Homecoming Court alongside his best friend Brooke Carlson has been a great experience for him. Making posters has given him an excuse to hang out with his friends, and make unforgettable memories he will cherish forever.

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