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Isaiah Ramirez brings his sincerity, hard work, and dedication to Colton High School to this year’s Homecoming Court.

Isaiah Ramirez is dedicated to giving everything he has for Colton

On the night of September 17, in front of an unsympathetic road crowd at San Gorgonio High School, football offensive lineman Isaiah Ramirez broke his collarbone, prematurely ending his Senior season.

However, Isaiah refused to be defeated.

I want to be that type of person who leads with all that dedication and hard work.”

— Isaiah Ramirez, 2021 Homecoming King Nominee

“After the injury, I found myself with a lot of free time,” he said. “Although saddened with the end of my senior year, it opened doors to other opportunities.”

It is responses like this that have put Isaiah in the position of being crowned Colton High’s next Homecoming King. He doesn’t let his obstacles define him.

He has a learning disability, and could have used that as an excuse to give up in school. He didn’t. Instead, he intends to graduate and go to college.

Isaiah perfectly exemplifies Colton High’s mantra: Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Act with Integrity.

He is involved with a ton of sports and activities in the community, where he reveals his strong leadership skills. Football, swimming, tennis, wrestling, badminton, and baseball are just a few of the sports Isaiah plays.

But Isaiah isn’t just a jock. He helps out at community centers and local events, finding joy in giving back to the town which raised him.

“It feels like an obligation to give back one way or another in our town,“ he proclaimed proudly.

Part of his inspiration comes from watching Ms. Alexandra Buskirk, Colton’s ASB Director, work tirelessly on behalf of the student body. “[She has] gone above and beyond, giving all her time and energy. You can see all her dedication. She has given many students opportunities to speak with her. You can really feel the connection she makes with her students. Whether it’s in-person or quarantine, she has always been there. She’s a friend.

“I want to be that type of person who leads with all that dedication and hard work.”

Dedicated may be the best word to describe Isaiah. Dedicated to succeed. Dedicated to getting involved. Dedicated to giving back.

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