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Dannya Diaz’s feisty, independent spirit fits perfectly on this year’s Homecoming Court.

Dannya Diaz stands independent and strong

For someone as independent as Dannya Diaz, running for Homecoming Queen never really crossed her mind.

“This is not my thing,” she admitted.

I learned from my mom not to rely on others to become successful.”

— Dannya Diaz, 2021 Homecoming Queen Nominee

The students in ASB who nominated her to run felt differently. Next thing Dannya knew, she was campaigning for Homecoming Court. “My friends kept saying ‘Just do it! Just do it! Just do it!”

She has discovered that her sense of independence has made her someone worth voting for. 

Her self-reliance is the result of family tragedy. When she was in sixth grade, Dannya’s dad was deported to Mexico. She and her sister, junior Denise Diaz, distanced themselves from him, and found in their mother an example of resilience.

“This showed me that I don’t need a man or to rely on a man,” Dannya shared. “I learned from my mom not to rely on others to become successful.”

Dannya has put that value to use. As part of the HEAL Pathway, she is working towards a career in the medical field. “I love the medical pathway. I want to become a general sonographer.”

Despite her self-confidence and inner strength, Dannya didn’t think she was going to make it onto Homecoming Court “I didn’t want to get my hopes up,” she said. “There was like 18 girls. I doubted myself.”

Those doubts were ill-founded. Last Friday, Dannya heard her name over the school announcements and received a sash and bouquet of roses from ASB. “I feel appreciated. Overall it’s a fun experience” she said in regards to getting this far into voting. 

All that’s left is the big game and the halftime announcement of Queen. The thought has her feeling reflective. Winning would “make me feel like I meant more than what I thought I did at school.”

Even the most independent need to know they are loved.

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