NASA Plans to Head to the Moon in 2024 – But What Will They Do There?

NASA Plans to Head to the Moon in 2024 - But What Will They Do There?

Gavin Kale, Editor


Space has always been a big mystery to humans. What planets are out there? Will we ever be able to visit them? Will we colonize planets? Well, NASA has been planning a moon landing set for 2024. With this mission, NASA plans to have humans stay on the moon, as well as a satellite orbiting the moon. The mission, named Artemis, will have several stages / phases. Here’s how it will go. 

The spacecraft created for the mission is named Orion, and is built into multiple parts. The first one is the crew module, which can hold 4 astronauts. The second part is the service module, which houses all the oxygen and life support parts. The third part is the launch abort system, which can make sure the crew will stay safe during launch and will abort the launch safely if needed. The fourth part is the cargo hold, which doesn’t need to be explained. It also has a massive fuel tank for the launch and bringing it into the atmosphere. NASA claims this to be the most powerful rocket in the world in their video, “ How We Are Going to the Moon – 4K “. 

Once launched, the rocket will stop once its in orbit. In orbit, the crew double check everything to make sure they are fitted to go to our Moon. The time that they launch again and leave orbit is very important because they need to go fast enough to leave Earth’s orbit, but also be able to meet the Moon at the spot they predict it will be in three day’s time. When the crew arrives at the Moon, they will first dock at the Moon’s soon to be satellite named Gateway. Once docked, the crew will split into two teams: one to stay on the satellite, and one to head for the Moon. They will complete their mission their and head back for Gateway. Then the crew will rejoin each other and start their journey back to Earth. NASA plans to use the same method they use here for their mission to Mars.