The most anticipated movie of the year is only one week away

Alfred Enriquez, Reporter

Avengers Endgame comes out on April 26th of this year, 2019. It is considered to be one of the biggest movies of all time.  One of the main questions being asked if is Avengers Endgame will be able to top Infinity War.  While independent trackers, like NRG and MarketCast, won’t be putting up their first projections for another month, Boxoffice released their long-term projections for several April releases on Friday and is predicting a “Titanic” opening of $265 million for the film.  The previous film, Avengers Infinity War, was able to put in $257.6 million and, by my guess, I believe that End Game will surpass it.  One of the estimates could be up to $680 million.  The movie officially releases in theaters April 26th and many of the tickets to see the film have been sold out in many theaters around the U.S.  Some of the tickets are even being sold on ebay for as much as $92 or more. For those who did not get a ticket, that is the resale value. The movie will be one of the biggest this year and is expected to be the highest selling movie of this year and the most anticipated.