Colton Varsity Soccer Team Comes Out On Top


Ryelee Mergil, Reporter

Last week our Colton boys played a tough, but easy game against Bloomington. Colton and Bloomington are the best soccer teams in our league , this game was not so much a rival but to make the best team win. I interviewed some players before the game started and a majority of them had the same answer to my question “ How do you think this game is going to go? ” . “ I think they’re going to put up a fight but i think we got this just like last game” . In the first half , there was a easy 5 goals scored , with their star player Jorge Ruvalcaba scoring most. Bloomington did not score any goals in that half , they got down on themselves after that. In the second half the score pretty much stayed the same , except Bloomington scored 3 goals making the score 5-3. With 10 mins left , another goal from colton was made making the final score 6-3 leading the boys with another win . I asked the same question I did before the game and they’re answers slightly changed . “ I think we did great we murdered that team “ , said Aldair Benitez . The boys and the coaches were very happy with this win they got , keep up the good work boys.