Will we need to worry about hurricanes in 2019?

Gavin Kale, Reporter

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Last year and this year, hurricanes have devastated us more and more. We saw hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria attack North America. And this year, hurricane Florence has attacked the south-east coast. Obviously, this is very serious, and something that we shouldn’t tell lies about. But of course, it had to happen. Weather reporter Mike Seidel was reporting about the high winds of Florence. While reporting, you could tell that he was struggling to stay up because of the high winds. But while reporting, two men walk into the background like there is no storm at all. They walk with ease and have no trouble with the winds that are blowing. Yet, Seidel sticks to his case with the winds making it hard to stay up and he still acts like he’s struggling! So, either Mike Seidel has the worse stance ever, or those guys have legs of steel.

The outcome of Hurricane Harvey

   However, The Weather Channel backed their guy up and defended him. They said that he was struggling because he was on wet grass, and the two men in the background were walking on concrete. Also, he had put in a few extra hours, so he was exhausted. But have you seen anyone who is exhausted stand like that? Also, wouldn’t the two men struggle on the concrete because of how slippery it is? Yes, it would be slippery on the grass, but it would be just as slippery on concrete.

  But the question is, why did The Weather Channel fake this? What reason could they of done this for? Could of it been because they wanted to show more intensity of winds so that the people going through the hurricane get more support through charities such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army? Did they do it for greed so that they would get more viewers, which would mean that they would gain more money?

  It’s sad that there is stuff like this that we have to deal with in today’s world. Companies and organizations have to fake things in order to gain more money and have more attention.

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