“I Can Only Imagine” how well this film did in theaters

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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The movie, “ I Can Only Imagine” by- Bart Millard, starts off with a young boy who has had a dream in a broken home. Bart Millard is that young boy, in which his mother and father had divorced at a young age and he had to spend his childhood with his highly abusive father. Bart Millard had grown up to find God and pursue his dream career as an artist/singer. After dealing with his abusive father he had decided to go and leave to move forward with his career leaving his hometown behind to join a small local group with no vocalist, Mercy Me. As a Christian, he decided to perform in the Praise and Worship genre and pursue his career writing ‘for God’. He had eventually reached a point in his life where he was dealing with anger and went to make amends with his father, but when he returned home he wasn’t greeted with great news. Bart’s Father was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. Bart had decided to stay with his father and help him become a man of God before his time comes, but also hopefully show him the love he never received. Bart then went on to take care of his father and watch a beautiful transformation from wretch to the man he wanted to be.

This movie entitles a lot of heart jerking moments and takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, yet it has a message that is so inspiring. Personally, I loved it, even with some minor flaws. The simple effectiveness of telling a story of an abused boy grown to be successful by not portraying a ‘victim’ is extremely heartwarming. Some scene changes along with some attention to detail will make it a 10/10 movie but, unfortunately, the story isn’t everything. Lovely movie, just more detail is needed. 7.5/10 is my rating, but I HIGHLY Recommend to go and see it!


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