Junior Varsity: Colton vs Grand Terrace

Jessikah Ybarra, Reporter

It’s that time of the year, the Colton High School and Grand Terrace High School rival week. On Thursday, October 12, junior varsity played an away game against our rivals. All week both schools have been going at it on who is the better team. In the first quarter Colton scored within three minutes and attempted a two point conversion but they weren’t able to get there. GT got their chance but the Colton Defense was able to stop them on their 25 yard line so it was an automatic turnover. Quarterback Andrew Valdez was unable to make a pass and ended up throwing it to Titan safety for a touchdown for GT and make the one point conversion, 7-6 GTHS. In the second quarter the Titan offense threw a pick to Colton’s safety Eddie Sandoval, runs in for a touchdown and makes the two point conversion, 14-7 Colton. In the second half Colton came out stronger than ever, quarterback Andrew Valdez is able to get a touchdown of his own but was unable to get the two point conversion, 20-7 Colton. The boys fought all throughout the fourth quarter to stop the Titan offense and they succeed. The junior varsity boys are now 4-0 with only three games left for the season. Good Luck Boys!