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Hurricane Nate makes its mark along the Mississippi coast

Fidel Elenes, Reporter

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For the past couple of months, many cities have been experiencing tragic natural disasters, but the recent one is Hurricane Nate. Many other hurricanes have come along the coast, destroying people’s homes, buildings, and many people have suffered from nothing left and many have been killed. These hurricanes flood people’s homes, the streets, with the strong winds up to 35 mph. Hurricane Irma has been the biggest effect on many cities. Florida has been the main states that have been getting hit since it’s right on the coast. 6.2 million homes have been destroyed and many people have been killed. Hurricane was the surprise to hit along the Mississippi coast.

Hurricane Nate had hit along the Mississippi Coast on early Sunday, October 9, 2017. Nate has reached its maximum winds up to 85 mph about midnight on the same day it hit. This hurricane was the first to hit Mississippi in over 10 years, and it did some damage. The most affected state was Alabama, with no power for over 67,000 homes. Louisiana was also affected but not as much, with only about 322 homes without no power. Hurricane Nate didn’t affect many states and didn’t do as much damage, compared to other big hurricanes. There were some parts of Alabama that were flooded, and the water had reached up to six feet. Six feet of water was able to flood homes, cars, and streets, cutting off transportation.

Many solutions have been made to help the people that have been affected by this hurricane. The president has been making out ways to get the people their electricity, so they can be live. Many prayers go out to the people affected by this horrible disaster.

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Hurricane Nate makes its mark along the Mississippi coast