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A Huge Success for Colton High’s Homecoming Week

ASB Sophomores Citlaly Estrada and Rachel Soto

ASB Sophomores Citlaly Estrada and Rachel Soto

ASB Sophomores Citlaly Estrada and Rachel Soto

Aneesa Arana, Sports Editor

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Colton High's pep rally, hours before the game began.

This year’s homecoming was a huge success! ASB and REN put on an amazing pep rally, the theme being the one and only, reputable Star Wars. The week involved fun activities to excite and hype up the students of Colton High School such as wearing our Star Wars gear, having a crazy hair day, a hello walk for homecoming court, and an exciting pep rally to get the students in a great mood!

I spoke with sophomore, Rachel Soto who is currently in ASB following her older sister Elisa Soto’s footsteps, to get her thoughts on this year’s pep rally, along with the school spirit she observed.
Soto wanted to get into ASB to help people and become more involved, and this week she sure did become much more involved. Soto explained that homecoming week was a lot, but they got it done. “It was barely the second game, and I saw that a lot more people were there. I don’t remember seeing that many people last year, it’s actually really good that it is the middle of the season and there’s so many people coming out. The spirit was very respectful unlike last year, so it wasn’t too much,” Soto said.
There is no doubt that the spirit was unbelievable this year. ASB prepped all week to get the Star Wars theme just right for the pep rally. They were definitely the busiest in the school last week. The pep rally was full of enthusiastic students. The crowd cheered on the class dancers and cheerleaders who performed their routines. As the pep rally went on, the crowd became louder and pumped up for the homecoming game later that day at 7pm.

Homecoming court was announced at the rally. This year’s Sophomore princess, Rachel Soto, was walking with Aldair Benitez. Junior princess, Natalie Paniagua, showed off her joy to have the opportunity of being in homecoming court as well!

After the rally, came the homecoming parade at 5pm. The parade came from Colton Middle School all the way to Colton High. All of homecoming court rode on the awesome cars that were chosen for them. They all looked like royalty. Our cheer squad rode on their car as well, cheering the neighborhoods on, and having fun before they had to go on the field to warm up!

Finally, at 7pm, our Varsity football team were hyping each other to later defeat Arroyo Valley. The game started off with the boys running out of the weight room all the way to football field. The crowd cheered along with the cheer leaders. Families, friends, and teachers showed up to support the team. Unexpectedly, a few raindrops came before the game even started. The sun set beautifully before the game began and a rainbow appeared, it felt like true Friday Night Lights! Like expected, our football team won. They started off strong and ended even stronger, defeating Arroyo Valley with all their might. The score was an astounding, 35-0.

Overall, homecoming week was amazing. Colton High School really showed the city how much of a family everyone at this school is. Eventful weeks like these brings the city together and shows us that former alumni and current students can come out and represent their school. Next up: The Ultimate Rival Game at Grand Terrace High School, Colton High’s Revenge.

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A Huge Success for Colton High’s Homecoming Week