Airlines banning electronics on planes


Loreal Fuerte, Reporter

Electronics in 13 international airports have been banned by officials on flights as a result of increased terror threats. In addition to the banning of electronics, certain liquids will also be restricted on planes referring back to 9/11 flying regulations.

Specific devices are to be permitted such as cellular phones and medical devices due to the concern of U.S. departments.

However devices larger than a cellphone such as laptops, tablets, cameras, DVD players, and gaming devices are to only be carried inside of luggage. Officials claim that methods of sneaking explosive materials is still being considered even after this banning.

Officials added that a threat to the U.S. would be negated if a passenger transferred through a city with additional and more trustworthy screening procedures.

The new regulations are not part of  President Donald Trump’s executive order which restricts six Muslim countries from entering the U.S. Although these regulations are more than likely to apply to airports in the six Muslim countries.

Many passengers are puzzled as to why an ipad mini is to be banned but an iphone seven with nearly the same function or even more technology isn’t. Monday afternoon, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) didn’t issue a warning to passengers banning the electronic devices.