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Seniors are in for a ‘night in the spotlight’ at the Yost Theater

Chantz Horton, Reporter

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     The Class of 2017 is in for one wild ride. On January 18 the prom fashion show for prom 2017. It feature a plethora of announcements, deals, and of course the great fashion show. This was accompanied by a great deal of decorations throughout the auditorium. Across the stage there were a great many a posters that said light, camera, and action. That gave a huge hint to the theme of this prom. ASB Director Olivia Conboy also made a few announcement, -these announcements were regarding the rules of prom and grad nite. All school rules apply including dress code and how to conduct ourselves, she passed it off the the ASB president and Vice president.

   Seniors Jesus Menchaca and Kiyandra Griffin were allowed to have the honor of announcing the location of grad nite. As tradition tells it will be at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Ms Conboy was delighted to announce that CHS is one of the few high schools that hasn’t been kicked out since the opening of Disneyland!! Grad nite is one of the events that every senior looks forward to especially now that we are seniors it’s something we are hyped up to go to. Grad nite is one of the few occasions that Disneyland keeps its doors open past hours, making it a great thing to go experience.

    Now was the time for the prom fashion show. This was the main event of the entire assembly. With Juniors  Jacob Duran and Cynthia Sanchez doing all the announcing they were pleased to announce that prom will be at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana with the theme being the amazing A Night in the Spotlight. As history has for told now all the female and male models show off all the great wear that can be done for prom. As all the models made down the runway with beautiful dresses and lean and clean tuxedos all of them struck and picture perfect pose. One of the most notable would be Seniors Courtney Mejia and Amos Morales as they are a couple for many months and they both of course wore matching colors. Throughout the fashion show more and more amazing dresses were shown and the show became more and more intense as it went on. Throughout the assembly there was of course helpful tips on how to ask your special girl to prom which included a hilarious rejection, and of course the greatly needed tips for meeting the family which left  us with our mouths open. Class of 2017 is in for a great year, no matter what happens this will be a fun one.

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Seniors are in for a ‘night in the spotlight’ at the Yost Theater