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You can’t spell “Chipotle” without “E. Coli”

Paulina Gallardo, Reporter

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Recently I tried Chipotle for the first time. After eating at Chipotle, I appeared to be fine for about half an hour. It was during the car ride home where I experienced the feeling of discomfort in my stomach. When arriving to a friends house, I felt extremely nauseous. I vomited a number of four times that night. I had not believed Chipotle’s outbreak to be of much importance.

With several people affected by Chipotle’s outbreak of E. Coli, it seemed unreal that I may have been one of those people. I was not the only one feeling sick that night; 3 out of the 4 of us that ate Chipotle had been feeling sick on the ride home. The only one that seemed to be fine was vegetarian. She had not eaten the meat at Chipotle. It seemed only right that she wouldn’t feel sick because she had not consumed the meat as the rest of us did. There was something in the meat that was not right, and I can not bear the thought of eating Chipotle ever again.

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You can’t spell “Chipotle” without “E. Coli”