World’s best burger? Right here in Colton at P & G!

Graciela Garcia, Reporter

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Have you ever noticed that little restaurant by Denny’s? P & G Burgers–ever heard of it? Heard about how great the food is? P & G Burgers serves your typical everyday meal:  breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The owner, Paul Smirniotakis, came from Greece–what made the family move here was to look for a better life. Before opening P & G Burgers, Smirniotakis  used to work in orange tree orchards. The original restaurant was opened in Covina in 1977. The one here in Colton has been here since 1997. They picked Colton because they thought it was a beautiful community.

P & G is a family-owned and run business:  it involves Paul, his wife Georgia, (the “G” of “P & G”) and son Peter. The business was passed down to son Peter Smirniotakis; he recently made the decision to take over. He thought it was a good idea for his parents to finally retire.

So far, their family business has been doing pretty well. It has been increasing every year. Thankfully, it still continues to build up. They thank us for being such a great community.

Now, let’s get down to the tasty, wonder, delicious part about this restaurant: the food. You get what you pay for–you may think five bucks for a burger is over priced. No, I guarantee you it is worth it. The burgers are twice as big as your palms. P & G Burgers will certainly give you your money’s worth. What’s more, the food is made fresh off the grill.

You should really go check out the place; the Smirniotakis family are some wonderful and friendly people. Maybe even go try out the world’s best burgers.

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