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Local Perris parents held own children captive for years in the dubbed “torture house”

Kimberly Castellanos, Reporter

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It had recently been discovered that 13 adolescents to young adults aged 2-29 were held captive, tortured, and mistreated by their parents in their Perris home in California. That was not their beginning though, they had before that lived in Texas in a trailer behind a home. Though some of the neighbors could claim of maybe seeing the children once or twice it was always an “odd” encounter but they never reported anything.

These poor kids were deprived of many things but one thing that they weren’t was writing. They were allowed to write in journals and authorities have brought in multiple of the journals that were found in their home. If it weren’t for the brave 17-year-old sibling that escaped and had contacted authorities who knows how this could have ended for the Turpin children. It is believed that all siblings except the two-year-old were malnourished, which are all being treated at the Corona Regional Medical Center. The Corona Chamber of Commerce has also been collecting donations for the siblings and they’ve reported donations pouring in from everyone everywhere. That really goes to show how caring people could be.

The Corona Chamber of Commerce soon plans to start a trust fund for them to start planning for the future of the Turpin Children. As for the parents they will allegedly be serving jail time up to 94 years and their bail has been set to $12 million dollars each. Nothing they do will ever make up what they did to their children. They faked a happy family for a long time on social media, but we all now know what kind of family was really “functioning” in the shadows

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Local Perris parents held own children captive for years in the dubbed “torture house”