Infamous Vegas shooter threatened hotel years before tragedy

Isaac Trujillo, Reporter

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In 2013 Stephen Paddock, infamously known as the Vegas Shooter, had already started to display very unusual habits and performances of actions in the very same hotel-casino he had opened fire from. The details are contained in a 97-page court deposition obtained exclusively by CNN news.

Paddock was deposed October 29, 2013, as part of a civil lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan Hotel, where he slipped and fell on a walkway in 2011. What otherwise would have been a mundane proceeding offers fresh details about Paddock’s life and habits, for the first time, from the killer’s own mouth. The document has been turned over to the FBI, according to sources. Paddock described himself as something of a rolling stone who split his time among California, Nevada, Texas and Florida, traveling at one point “maybe upwards of three weeks out of a month.” With traveling, he had made a trip to Las Vegas Nevada and had made a case to file a lawsuit and failed. Therefore, he had said some chilling threats stating; “you will get what’s coming to you”. However, this may not have been pertaining to the Vegas Shooting of 2017 but it is tied to it as a direct threat.

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