Battlefield One Beta set to release

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Battlefield One Beta set to release

Leondro Velarde, Reporter

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Battlefield® is the video game franchise best known for massive scale warfare and destructible in­game environment. Developed by the one and only Electronic Arts DICE, a Swedish company, the series has been a huge hit. Now, developers over at EA DICE have just cranked out an open beta for Battlefield’s latest installment: Battlefield 1, a World War I first person shooter.

This beta is to give the audience a little taste of what to expect. Yet not the full game, it is a clear approximation of what we are in for.

The good: Just like previous Battlefield games, Battlefield 1 has astonishingly rendered graphics. Alongside with stunning sound effects. Thus having breathtaking sounds and visuals makes the player feel as if they are in the battle themselves. While the gameplay mechanics still have a classic Battlefield feel, a few new mechanics have been added in. The bayonet charge and the ability to be able to climb higher walls. With these additions it adds another layer of gameplay variety. As for animations go, each one is a home run put of the park in Battlefield 1. They’ve especially nailed down the horse animations.

The bad: Sniper in­game are way to overpowered in the game mode Rush. For example, on numerous occasions  snipers would be waiting to blast me as soon as I spawn in. While on the other hand, the medic class is poor for alerting the player to revive a fallen teammate nearby.

Unlike previous Battlefield games where the attention towards reviving people was high. Due to a revive icon over a recently deceased teammate. Now horses. Oh don’t get me started on them. Their mechanics are cheap in a sense. They kill enemies way too easy. For example, as soon as you swing the sword it kills without ease. Also they get roadkill medals way to easily.

While minor negatives, the developers over at EA will still have time to tweak a few problems before release on October 21 of this year.

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