School psychologist, Michelle Evans, goes inside the mind of psychology

School psychologist, Michelle Evans, goes inside the mind of psychology

Jalen Thomas, Reporter

Do you ever wonder what people think? Well, I interviewed a school psychologist, Michelle Evans, to get a little more information about psychology. I asked Michelle, “What made you become a school psychologist?” She said, “Soul drives the spirit and schooling helps you understand the process of getting to know people.”

She enjoys meeting people and she wanted to know more about the process of how people think. She attended Azusa Pacific University to get a Master’s in both counseling and school psychology. She learned how to identify people with disabilities of all kinds. 

This all was decided when she was 30 years old because she needed a new challenge. She was bored with Dental Hygiene and looked into going to school to learn about people and how they think. It took 3 years to complete plus 1 additional year of practice/internship. By now you might be wondering what you learn when you become a school counselor and/or psychologist. As a school counselor, you listen to students for a variety of reasons and you have to let them know you have heard what they are saying; this is called reflective listening. It’s important to do this to have a good relationship with the student. 

Reflective listening example: Billy was talking to his friends about a breakup one of his friends had experienced and when his friend was done Billy said, “So what you’re saying is that she broke up with you?” It helps you summarize what the other person is telling you.

When I was with Mrs. Evans, she had me practice reflective listening. Now that I know about it, I can use this later in life. 

A psychologist studies normal and abnormal mental states. It doesn’t matter what you think or say to a psychologist, it can be for depression or ADHD. In conclusion, psychology is important.