The life of a professional soccer player

Larry Cruz, Reporter

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior.Neymar Jr as most people call him, is an  international soccer superstar, with a net worth of over $185 million. Neymar is easily considered one of the most successful young soccer players in the world. Imagine having such a title? Don’t even think for a split second that achieving this title was easy for him. As most people know, most celebrities have been through lots of bumps and struggles to get where they are. Let’s go back all the way to where he grew up. Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. Neymar was born on February 5th. 1992. He is currently years old. Younger than most professional soccer players for sure. Most Players are usually in the 30’s. Early in his life. Neymar junior struggled with major poverty. From rags to riches is how most websites and people describe him. He is probably the best example to use when utilizing that Quote. He grew up in one of the most overcrowded and dirty cities in the world. Early in his life, he had to move in his his grandparents due to his parents not having enough money to maintain their home. Imagine what he was growing threw. It was about him and 3 or 4 others family’s of about 4 people each. Yep, life was rough growing up for him. All his childhood he was obsessed with soccer or futbol, as they call it over there. Soccer wasn’t only his hobby, it was his everything. His life ,his passion ,his dream. As a kid, neymar  had only one pair of Jordans that he used to play soccer in. He then later grew up and made a deal with Jordan for a pair of 325$ cleats! Just imagine that. From having literally one pair of Jordans for playing soccer to signing a multi-million dollar deal to have his own Neymar x Jordan cleat!  Currently those cleats are extremely hard to find and very expensive. Neymar has played most of his career with Barcelona FC as most people know, but a few years ago, one of the biggest deals in soccer history. Neymar was signed to the international soccer club PSG in France for a whopping 222 million euros which is approximately $243,755,112 us dollars. Currently in PSG he is doing pretty good. He currently has about 40 goals. He has only 1 kid so far. But he is still very young. That just goes to show that with hard work and an absolute ton of dedication, you can achieve anything you out your mind to.