How do college recruiters find students?

Bianca Roman, Reporter

There are great news for students who want to go out-of-state for college. It is commonly known that out-of-state students pay more than in state students when it comes to tuition. Most students who are not financially great and can’t afford the extra expense, so even if they want to go to an out-of-state college they end up going to an in state college to avoid the extra fees that they can’t pay for or don’t want to pay for. Recently there have been reports of colleges wanting out-of-states students and international students to enroll at their college. They plan to cross state lines more often to look for more students in other states. There has also been reports from around 200 or more colleges, that in-state students enrolled dropped by ten percent. This came from both public colleges and four year institutions. There data they collected is from the span of five years, from 2012 through 2017. Another reason as to why they want more out-of-state students is because they want more diversity on their campus, colleges of different states are almost competing to see who has the most diverse campus. They even go as far as giving out-of-state students scholarships to pay tuition and any educational cost that they will need to pay. It can stop restricting students to stay in state for college for financial problems, it will allow students to go to whatever college they want without worrying about the out-of-states fees. One example of this is the University of California having more students from different states and from other countries. Although this is a great development for colleges there are people who are upset that the colleges are mostly just accepting out-of-states students.