2019 Soccer Tryouts


Kamilah Diaz , Reporter

Summer is coming to an end which means fall is around the corner and for high school, this means winter sports are starting up again! Tis’ the season for soccer, basketball, and wrestling. Recently at Colton High School, there were tryouts for girl’s soccer and about 60 girls showed up to be apart of the 2019-2020 squad! Varsity coach, Manny Flores, announced that the tryouts will be held for three days just so that they can see the talent the students have to offer and really evaluate them. 

A lot of the girls who showed up were mainly freshmen and sophomores but many of the returning players from last year showed up as well to play again. Personally, I tried out as well  because I’ve always played soccer growing up and it being my senior year, I wanted to play once more. Talking to some girls there, they admitted to me that they were scared that they weren’t good enough and that they would not make it on the varsity team or even on junior varsity. But I assured them to just give it their all and they will be okay. The tryouts mainly consisted of just scrimmaging. This allowed the coaches to see how you play in a game and what kind of skills you have. Of course, the coaches had to unfortunately make some cuts but they reassured them to not have doubt in themselves and to always try out again next year! The second day came and from the looks of it the group had obviously become smaller. We had scrimmaged again but this time it was a 4v4 so that they can focus more on each player and not miss them considering the day before was much harder because there were more girls. 

On the last day we focused more on kicking the ball and keep away, Coach Manny and Coach Fernando had an idea on who they wanted on their team. In my opinion, I think a lot of good girls made the junior varsity team and varsity and that this year will be very promising for them. Hopefully Colton can take it all the way this year!