CHS Track Meet vs Kaiser

Marlene Perez, Reporter

On April 3rd, 2019 was Colton High School’s track and field meet with Kaiser High School. Many of the former students that were pretty nervous about their meet that day since apparently Kaiser High School has a pretty good track and field program and have been CIF champions in that area for a while.

The meet started off with the girls 600 with Christine Dobey a former sophomore starting the race off and handing over the baton to Madicyn Martinez a former junior, onto Destiny Stewart another former sophomore and which then handed over the baton to Diana a former freshman to end the race off in which they beat Kaiser in by a whole lot.

Afterwards the boys 600 started off with Joseph a former sophomore with the baton onto Adrian another former Sophomore and towards to Eddie a former Junior and onto Gift another Sophomore student to end off the race but ended up with Kaiser winning that race by a couple seconds.

More over started the boys 4×1 relay race with Colton have two different teams and Kaiser with only one.

In contrast, Christine Dobey a former sophomore at Colton High School broke a track record in the 100 meter hurdles, that hasn’t been broken in 34 years with a time record of 16:34, at Colton High School. According to Christine Dobey she stated, “It was pretty challenging to beat that record, but I love a good challenge and competing against others, you could say that I’m very competitive inside and outside of school. I like to see that I am progressing everyday on that track and in school, and I don’t like to slack off.”

Moreover I spoke to another former sophomore, Adrian Arciniega who does 4×1 sprints, 100 meter sprints and the long jumps. Adrian stated, “I like track and overall it helps with the upcoming season of football, as a running back or full back. But I like the challenge and the adrenaline that I get when I’m competing against someone.”

Lastly, I wish the track and field team much luck as there season is coming to an end and that they progress from every meet they have.