Macho Volleyball Juniors trying to retain title

Marlene Perez, Reporter

On March 13, 2019 was the semi-finals for Mach Volleyball against the classes of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Now the semi-finals took place in the Macintosh Gym and the first match started off during first lunch against the freshman class and junior class. The juniors have won the titled once since last year and we are hungry to get the second title. And as for the freshman they have never practiced for the game until 20 minutes before the game, and surprising they did a pretty good job of keeping the ball up and were very consistent in getting the ball over as much as they could.

The game only went up to 15 due to the amount of time we had from both lunches.

Furthermore during the first match both the freshman and juniors were neck and neck with score. But at the end the juniors won by 12-15.

Then the second game started off during second lunch with the seniors Vs. the sophomores it started off the sophomores leading with 3 points to nothing on the scoreboard. The game was very nerve racking, just by watching the ball go back in forth like hot potato was really nerve racking. Throughout the whole game the sophomores and seniors were neck and neck, till the end of the game ending with a score of 12-15 from the seniors missing some of their hits and balls dropped on the court.

Leading in to the final game there was a lot of beef and shade being thrown about who will win and who’s the best against the sophomores and juniors while warming up. As the game started the juniors started off serving first with Ricardo Olivas. The juniors were leading on the scoreboard by 5 points for most of the game. During the whole game the court was all quite, barely any communication and there wasn’t much of a good turn out from the crowd.

As the game went on it was 2-2 out of 5 sets and it was time for the final set that goes to 15 and form the looks of it the sophomores were in their heads due to all their mistakes but the game finally ended with a score of 9-15. Juniors taking the win for the second time.