Colton Girls Varsity Soccer Team Gets A Must Needed Win On Senior Night…

Marlene Perez, Reporter

On January 29, 2019 was the last home game for the Colton girls Varsity Soccer team and as well that means Senior Night for our class of 2019. As sad as it was to watch the last game of the girls’ varsity soccer it was more sad to see our fellow senior student athletes play one last time here in their home, Colton.Our senior class from the Varsity team were Claudia Avalos #23, Therese Rosales #1, Marissa Sanchez #7, Ashley Meza #14, Jessikah Ybarra #9, and Crystal Franco #2. Even though it was senior night and a sad night for the seniors today was a big challenge/goal  for the girls to beat Grand Terrace, our rivals since 2012 and it was and even bigger goal for them since we lost at there home game 1:0. It was time for revenge.

As the game started you could see all of the aggression and motivation that each of the players had on the field. It was a pretty intense game to watch with all the highs and lows from the crowd cheering and the coaches yelling from the sidelines and the communication from the girls playing. For most of the first half Colton had the most possessions and were able to pull through and score a goal. Alexis Ramirez #4 a Junior at Colton High scored the first goal on her own. A little bit later on during the same first half Colton was able to pull off another goal by Claudia Avalos #23 one of our fellow Seniors.

It is now the second half of the game and the amount of possessions was more towards Grand Terrace. The pressure for fighting over the ball was insanely intense and violent from the looks of it, girls getting dropped, slide tackled, squished, elbow hitting, pushing, running into each other, and head butting was insane and cruel to watch from the bleachers.

Overall the game was very good, entertaining and intense to watch but also a tear jerker to see that our fellow Senior Yellowjackets were going to graduate and it was their last home game for the many years they’ve played for the school and community of Colton.