NFC Champoinship Game Comes Down to the Wire

Andrew Bernales, Reporter

As Super Bowl approaches closer and closer there are still a few teams left fighting for a chance to play in this year’s Championship game.  This week the LA Rams take a trip to the Saints home field to try an earn their place in the Super Bowl. As the game kicks off Saints have 1st possession of the ball in the start of the game. Quarterback Drew Brees puts a nice starts off decent as excellent placed passes and trick plays drives the team all the way to the Rams territory but come short and a make a field goal to take the lead in the game so far.  As the Rams take the field quarterback Jared Goff trying to make the best out of each drives blows it as his first drive ends up in a pick for the Saints giving them back the ball. However unable to move the ball from the Rams 20 yard line it makes the Saints kick the ball for a successful field goal still holding the lead at the end of 1st quarter 6-0. With another possession of the ball after the Rams turn over on downs the Saints drive the football and this time take it all the way to the endzone for a touchdown. Now starting to get their momentum back the Rams try to push the Saints back into their half of their field and get a touchdown, but come short and get a successful field goal point. Before the quarter was about to end the Rams with well placed passes gives them big yardage and their first touchdown of the game just before halftime.

The 2nd half of this games turns into what the fans call it a fight to win.  Start of the 2nd half Rams turn it over on downs and the Saints run the ball into the endzone making the game now 20-10.  Almost end of the 3rd quarter Rams not backing down at all with beautiful passes to the receivers make them gain yet another touchdown make the game now 17-20.  Rams trying to turn the game around make the Saints fumble the ball a lot however the Saints were quick on their feet and recovered the ball right away but are forced to punt and give the ball over.  As Rams take the next drive they try their hardest to go for a touchdown but come so very close and punt it at the 5 yard line and carry the game into overtime. With the Saints getting the ball first in overtime they come out making a terrible play that allows the Rams to pick the ball and give them the ball.  As the Rams take their turn and they are unable to move the ball up the field they are forced to attempt a 58 yard field goal but with all luck on their side make it and win the game. Now with this victory puts the Rams to a Super Bowl spot and now they get ready to play the Patriots.