Colton Varsity Basketball falls to AB Miller High before season starts

Vincent Lopez, Reporter

The Colton Basketball team was waiting for this scrimmage since they’ve been waiting for a challenge and A.B Miller really gave them all they had. A.B Miller came out and started pressing our guards and causing turnovers and getting the easy buckets.

Colton came out sluggish, making a couple of bad passes and decisions with the ball. Colton tried running their set plays that they’ve been practicing, but it didn’t go as planned as some players were confused and A.B Miller was out hustling Colton down the court. Colton could not execute early on. The only thing keeping them in reach was the heart and dedication of Nik Jordan who was trying to do it all. Colton’s main disadvantage was them not being tall and not being able to box out their opponent to get rebounds. That killed them during the game and will continue to kill them if they don’t learn to do so. Colton did have some good moments when they found the open man and spread the court evenly giving each other space to work. They were able to score once they got into their grove but it was to late A.B Miller was already out on them by at least 50 and Colton ended up losing that scrimmage.

This is just a learning lesson for this team as season is coming around in a month and this is a team under a new coach. Once they master everything, they will be a force to be reckoned with.