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Yellowjackets fall to Orange Vista High

Andrew Bernales, Reporter

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On Friday, August 24th, Colton Varsity football went against Orange Vista in their first home game of the season. Although it was a home game for the Yellow Jackets, the game was held at San Bernardino Valley College due to the construction for Colton High School’s new football stadium. The stands were filled with parents, students, and staff of Colton High cheering on the Yellow Jackets. With Colton winning the coin toss, they chose to receive the ball during the first drive of the game.  

Colton’s offence starts off a bit slow and are not able to score within the first drive and turn it over on a quarterback fumble. As Orange Vista Offense take the field, the Yellow Jackets quickly answer back by stopping Orange Vista gaining no yards forcing them to turn over the ball on downs. Orange Vista, however does the same to the Yellow Jacket offense on the second drive. Colton defense forces a fumble during Orange Offense play and is recovered by #3, Christian Panameno, giving their offense another quick go. Before the first half ended Colton offense scores on a 3rd then goal when quarterback, Joseph Resendez, hands the ball off to fullback, Brennen Ramos, to score the first touchdown for the Colton Yellow Jackets. After every fumble recovery made by our Colton defense, offense struggled to move the ball at all the first half and at the end it leaves Orange Vista up 7-13.

Second half starts up and the Yellow Jackets were looking to come on top and put the game to a rest.  Orange Vista was first to receive the ball, the start of second half. They scored on the first drive and made the extra 2 point conversion, now 7-21. Colton’s offense turn to make a comeback but fails to do so, as they are stopped by Orange Vista’s defense making them punt. Fatal mistake for after the turn over, Orange Vista makes another touchdown. On Colton’s third drive of the second half, they are still unable to move from their end zone and forced to punt, but on the attempt to punt Colton hikes the ball out of the end zone making it out of play; giving Orange Vista a safety point. The rest of the night was an upset as Orange Vista left the field with a victory 14-34 and Colton losing their first home game of the season. Without a doubt Colton will not let this loss get to them and will make their next home game a wipeout.  

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Yellowjackets fall to Orange Vista High