Colton Varsity Volleyball falls to Sultana

Marlene Perez, Reporter

Colton High School’s Varsity Volleyball team loses to Sultana in Hesperia on the third set! The game started off with Sultana serving at our varsity team with the first starting six Anjal Moya, Nancy Robles, Naida Garcia, Dez Corona, Jasmine Soto, Araiah Unkefer, and Monica Rodriguez as a libero who substitutes for Nancy during back row.

They started off the game with Colton serving at Sultana, Ariah Unkefer was the first server at the time as her position as setter. The ball was then played out after the serve and Sultana made the first point with a KILL. After that Sultana was serving at us and getting ACES and were leading on the scoreboard by ten points. The first set was coming to and end with 15 points from Colton and 23 points by Sultana. Sooner or later Colton lost the first set but still held their head high to win the next three sets.

The second set started off the same way with same first six except Vanessa Bravo substituted in for Ariah Unkefer as setter and Ariah subbed in for Naida Garcia as right front. The game started off with Sultana serving at us and made a couple of ACES which made them leading on the scoreboard by 3 points. Soon enough the game was getting intense. By the end of the second set Colton lost again with a score of eight points and 25 by Sultana.  

The third set started off with the same six people as the second set, except this time Ariah was playing setter and Vanessa was out for the game till the next rotation. Ariah was the first server for the third set and as the other team played her serve, Colton would transition and follow the ball as they were in defense in case of an overpass. Sooner or later Sultana was leading on the scoreboard once again; which made Colton want to play even more harder and aggressive. By the time it was close to the end of the third set, everyone that was going for Colton on the stands knew how it was going to end. The final score of the third set was 25-9; even though Varsity lost, the Frosh and JV volleyball knew that they were number one in their hearts cheering and shouting, “L-O-V-E WE LOVE WE LOVE OUR VARSITY!”